Meeting with Did Dontzoff

Meeting with Did Dontzoff

Did Dontzoff was born in Paris in 1956, in a artistic’s family. He first decided to learn contemporary dance when he was 17 before taking on painting in 1985.

His style is easily identified by these black traits influenced by his travels and his overflowing energy.

Living in Toulouse for years, Did is exhibiting his works worldwide. Did was invited in Fall to exhibit some of his paintings to the Etoiles De Pau, the French 4* eventing competition. His small horse with flamboyant colors and atypical features caught immediately our attention. Did wanted to make a bright lighing horse with white as the main color.

Every Freejump Contest has been illustrated by an art piece, it was clear that Did’s horse was perfect to follow us on our two Freejump Contest ‘steps in 2017 : Riesenbeck (April 15th to 17th) and Barbaste (June 30th to July 2nd).

See you on April 15th in Riesenbeck to take your most beautiful picture with our painted horse !



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