Henri Abraham Univers, our 2018 artist.

Henri Abraham Univers, our 2018 artist.

Every year, Freejump decide to showcase an artist. For the 4th edition of the Freejump Contest, this is Henri Abraham Univers that Freejump decided to showcase.

Henri Abraham Univers Guirma was born in Paris in 1974, from a French mother and a father from Burkina Faso.

He has always evolved in contact with Arts: music, sculpture, painting. He grew up in a multicural environment in Abidjan. This international melting pot later directly influenced his painting.

Although mother Africa is the main source of inspiration, it is not exclusively: he draws his inspiration from everything, and from the many different regions of the world he visited.

“I am African, it is this land that has seen me grow up. My childhood memories are mostly this part of the Earth. I am inspired by many things, but I always go back.”

He graduated at the Conservatoire Libre du Cinéma Français in Paris to become a film director, but painting ultimately took over. After some stays in New York then Ouagadougou and Paris, he fully dedicated himself to painting during his stay in London.

He quickly realized that it was easier to express himself with a canvas, colors and a brush. It was the most instinctive and natural mode, much more than working on a cinematographic projet.

“I do not paint to decorate. I always try to get a message. I express a reality, and this is where I have more affinity with the warm and vibrant side of Africa.”

In 2014 he has the pleasure and honor to exhibit his work at the prestigious Summer Exhibition of the Royal Academy of Arts in London. His artwork “Lampedusa” was acquired by a collector visibly excited about his work who since made other acquisitions.

He returned to France in 2015 and settled in Bordeaux where he currently lives and works.

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