Monique Israël, meeting with our German rider!

Monique Israël, meeting with our German rider!

You win your ticket during the Freejump Contest in Resienbeck, the whole Freejump team will have the pleasure to welcome you in the Equestrian center « Pôle Hippique Lou Chibaou » (from june 29th to july 1st) for his french Freejump Contest.

Could you introduce yourself ?

My Name is Monique and I am 18 years old. I live near Ulm a city in Baden Württemberg in Germany. At the moment I am having holidays because I finished my exams. In August after I get my diploma I am doing a year off and I am moving to the Netherlands. There I am  riding, working and showing at an international showjumping yard. Next year after my exchange I am gonna studying media communication.My whole life is about horses! I am riding since I am young because I grow up with horses. Every day I am the the stable an train my horses. There is not much time left for other activities besides the school and the horses. In my freetime I enjoy the days with my boyfriend, my friends or I like it to hang out at the lake.
Do you have an iconic rider?
I can not specify my iconic rider exactly because there are many top riders, for example Michael Jung, Meredith-Michaels Beerbaum, Luciana Deniz, Penelope Leprevost and all Riders of the LB Stable.
Your relationship with Freejump?
One year ago a friend of mine told me about this stirrups. I was very excited about the stories, but I have never got the chance to test them. In Riesenbeck I got the opportunity of one of your riders to try one pair. I was really excited from the first moment. Although the price is quite high, I have decided to buy Freejump Stirrups now. Super happy!
Could you talk about your horses?

My own horse is called ‘ Fräulein Frieda ‘ she is a 12 year old Hannoverian mare. (  For Edition I   x   Noble Roi xx ) I am having her since 6 years. Frieda is a horse with a lot of character. She is a very eager and crazy horse and sometimes she also can has her bitchy phases but that’s normal with girls. 😀 She always fights for the rider and has a big fighter heart in every course. She also likes some cross country and swimming at the lake in the summer. With her you can have a lot of fun every day. With Frieda I take part in jumping competions up to 120cm. We also compete at international Amateur Tours. Last year we won the Final of CSI Amateur Tour 115/120cm and also got lots of placements in Kreuth.

My second horse is ‘ Dream Girl ‘ she is also a 12 years old Westphalian mare.( Dream on  x   Saint George. ) She is a horse of a good friend of my family. I got her three years ago. The Beginning was very difficult. With the rider before she didn’t jump about 90cm and always passed the jump to the left side. In the training I couldn’t hold her because she was too strong. We trained day for day every week. After one year she got trust to me and we went to our first shows in 100cm classes. Since that she is fighting for me in every course and I will never lose her because she is jumping amazing. Las year nearly every 120cm she was clear! I compete with here up to 120/125cm level an national shows. We also take part at international Amateur Tour where she also won one course and got great placements of the CSI Amateur Tour in Kreuth Dream Girl is a horse that needs a lot of safety and confidence. If she has your trust, she does everything for her rider. Characteristically she is a very calm and relaxed horse. But if she enters the course, the fighter heart is 100% and she is full throttle.

What do you think about the Resienbeck experience?
Riesenbeck was a great experience for me. I have never ridden there before. The Freejump Contest is avery special show with many great riders and horses. The warm-up was absolute instructive and you could take home a lot.
The casual atmosphere was really good! Thanks for this unforgettable weekend.
Thank you so much Monique ! See you soon !
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