What is the Freejump Contest in Barbaste ?

What is the Freejump Contest in Barbaste ?

šŸŽ The Freejump Contest is a championship on 3ļøāƒ£ days Friday June 28th, Saturday June 29th and Sunday June 30th open to the following categories:

Amateur Championship 3: 95cm – 100cm – 100cm – 100cm
Amateur Championship 2: 105cm – 110cm -110cm
Amateur Championship 1: 115cm – 115cm – 115cm – 120cm
Elite Amateur Championship: 125cm – 125cm – 125cm – 130cm
Pro Championship: 130cm – 135cm – 130cm – 130cm or 140cm (optional)



  • Friday June 28th, 1st round, the speed class : a scale A type against the clock. This event will set the first provisional classification of the championship.
  • Saturday June 29th, 2nd round : Grand prix type (scale A deferred time). The objective for riders running in the championship is to be flawless (to accumulate the fewest points). However, riders not competing in the championship will be able to play the time.
  • Sunday June 30th , the final: Grand prix type with jump-off. For riders entered for the championship is to line up the double clear round. In the event of a tie, this barrier will determine the final ranking.

If you bring several horses, it is possible to run several championships but in different categories. If you have several horses in the championship events, please inform the jury on the Friday before your event of the name of the horse with which you are running the championship. Riders šŸ‡šŸ¼ who are not running the championships can register for any event on any day.

=Thursday’s particularity=

Three classes (100cm, 110cm, 120cm) will be hosted by a great rider from the international scene. This personality will look at each of the courses, analyse them and give his or her small advice at the end of the track. attention each of the events are limited to 20 starters !

=Friday’s particularity=

For the 2nd consecutive year, we are organizing a derby-type class at 115 cm heights. This event, organised on 3 tracks, will give you a thrill. For spectators, an aperitif and a concert will be offered from 7pm to 8pm on the terrace of track 1.

=Saturday’ particularity=

The Nations Cup, faithful to the Freejump Contest, is undergoing a makeover for this 5th edition. This year, the Nations Cup becomes a separate event, it will no longer be integrated into the Saturday championship type events. The teams will be composed of 4 riders. This event is on the FFE the nĀ°21 Amateur 2 special in time 110cm


More than 20000ā‚¬ of Freejump products are to be won over the 3 days of competition. LibertyOne boots, Foxy boots, Liberty boots and mini chaps, XC or Canvas, Soft’up Classic, Soft’up Pro, Soft’up Lite, Spur’One testers, stirrups, rugs, hats, hoodies and many other items are dedicated to you !

Seee youuu soooon !!

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