We missed you!

After this long and hard period for you and your horses, we are happy to announce the 7th edition of the Freejump Contest !

We want to offer you more and more sport, good time and gifts ! These 2 independent Contests for AMATEURS offer Classes from 1m to 1m25, plus a few classes for professionals, and a Masterclass with an international top rider, also a Championship in Barbaste ! The perfect way to challenge yourself and have fun with or without your horse !

2021 promises to be full of sport, gifts, advices from Top Riders and also good times ! We can’t wait to see you again !

This year, 2 different countries for the Freejump Contest:

–       Step 1: Barbaste with an Amateur Championship

–       Step 2: Riesenbeck in Germany rythmed by a Masterclass


All the information related to the contest will be broadcasted on this website and on the facebook page of the Freejump Contest.

Waiting for Riesenbeck, look at the previous edition !


THE KISS 💋 For this 7th edition, Emmanuel Kieffer has created our artistic muse for 2021. It perfectly represents our feeling. There are no secrets as intimate as those of a rider and his horse. The context has confirmed our need to get closer to our horses....

[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q08sTkNMrXQ&feature=youtu.be[/embed] "Franck & Damien" is a French duo of acoustic pop-folk from Bordeaux. The band mixes original compositions and reworked covers. A trip with Anglo-Saxon accents led by the warm and suave voice of Franck and the Hawaiian guitar and percussion of Damien. The duo invites...